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We invite you to Mystic Passage, an immersive fundraising event to support critical federal psychedelics policy reform and rescheduling from Schedule I to Schedule III. This event unites the psychedelic community stakeholders, benefactors, artists, and pioneers for a magical night of education and celebration, all while raising funds for this important cause.

This unique event will take you on a sensory journey like no other. Discover breathtaking psychedelic artwork, enjoy immersive live performances, participate in interactive experiences, and learn from captivating presentations. Indulge in gourmet, sustainably sourced catering and sample unique, psychedelic-inspired beverages at our Heady Elixir Bar.

All tickets purchased for this event are tax-deductible donations, as the total cost of the event has been generously covered by our sponsors; official donation receipts will be issued after the event.

Join Our Mission

Our mission is to create a high-vibe environment that encourages both education and donation. By attending Mystic Passage, you are supporting a cause that champions the federal legalization and smart regulation of psychedelics. We believe that through education, interaction, and enjoyment, we can help make supporting this cause an easy “yes”.

 All contributions go directly towards lobbying efforts

thanks to our generous sponsors

Mystic Ventures

Mystic Ventures is the leading pre-seed and seed-stage investment fund in the psychedelic medicine space. With over two dozen investments ranging from VR and sound therapy, to drug discovery and development, the firm takes a broad view of “elevating consciousness.” 


Mantra movement

Mantra MVMT is committed to creating a community that supports education on the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. We strive to be a trusted source of information, a voice for advocacy, and a catalyst for progress in the field of psychedelic research.



SoundSelf: is the best-in-class VR Therapeutic for facilitating non-ordinary states of consciousness. Tracking toward FDA clearance by 2025, SoundSelf uses a biometric feedback loop between the voice and breath, and has been measured to produce transpersonal states of consciousness after 15 minutes of immersion. It is available clinically as an adjunct for psychedelic therapy.

Thank you to our project partners

Frederick Research is a public affairs firm that is directing a campaign to legalize psychedelics at both the state and federal levels. At the state level, they are designing a medical cannabis-like framework that would allow direct retail sales and services to consumers. at the federal level, we are pursuing rescheduling.


Based in Washington, DC, Psychedelic Medicine Advocacy (PMA), a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization and Psychedelic Medicine Coalition (PMC), a 501(c)(6) member association, work together to play a crucial role in shaping the future of psychedelic medicine policy and mental health treatments. The group of DC “insiders” is composed of former Hill staffers, government affairs professionals, and political communications experts who are focusing their advocacy on Congress and changing federal policies that open up funding for psychedelic medicine research. 


Artist Resource Network

The Artist Resource Network (ARN) is a non-profit organization with the mission to unleash the power of creativity by empowering artists and creatives across the globe. We will achieve this by providing financial support, tools, resources, and education to help artists thrive, innovate, and inspire change. We envision a world where art flourishes and transforms lives, and our purpose is to support artists, enrich communities, and shape the future through art and frontier technologies.



SuperMush is a 60s and 70s inspired lifestyle brand that makes the most effective and innovative mushroom superfood supplements for optimal mental and physical wellbeing. Mushrooms are a vital part of our overall immune system and healthy gut flora, and have a long list of benefits to enhance your well-being with everything from focus to energy to sleep. SuperMush bottled mushrooms’ magic into delicious mouth sprays and mints, so you can take the good vibrations anywhere your heart desires.


Policy Details

The event will support professional advocacy to change the “Schedule” of psychedelics in the Controlled Substances Act. It will aim to reschedule well-studied substances, including Psilocybin, from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3 (or below) through a modification of “The Breakthrough Therapies Act” co-sponsored by Senators Cory Booker and Rand Paul. 

The current Senate bill proposes to amend Psilocybin from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2, but this would not significantly reduce penalties or barriers to scientific research. Through our network of policy professionals, we will aim to modify the bill and help ratify it over the next 2 years.

Tickets & Sponsorship

Experience the Mystic Passage firsthand. Tickets are now available for purchase and offer full access to the event. For businesses and thought leaders interested in aligning with our cause, we invite you to explore our sponsorship opportunities.

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